CPUC Open Proceedings
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  CPUC Open Proceedings

 Proceeding #AcronymSubject Published DateClipsDoc TypeAttachment
 R.17-06-026PCIA OIRCPUC Notice of Ex Parte with Joint Utilities07/16/2018ExParteExParte - Advanced Notice - 473 KB
           (Page Count: 20)
 R.18-03-011CPOIRR1803011 SCE Comments on Assigned Commissioners Scoping Memo and Ruling07/13/2018CommentComment - 523 KB
           (Page Count: 31)
 A.14-10-014Charge ReadyA1410014-SCE Amended Final Charge Ready Pilot Program Report07/13/2018General Pleadings/OtherReport - 3045 KB
           (Page Count: 68)
 A.17-06-0302018 GRC Phase 2A1706030-SCE Amended Motion for Adoption of Revenue Allocation Settlement Agreement07/13/2018MotionMotion - 630 KB
           (Page Count: 77)
 A.18-02-016_A.18-03-001_A.18-03-002 et. al.SDGE 2018 ESP&IPA1802016 et al.-SCE-Irwin-Rebuttal Testimony-Amended07/12/2018TestimonyTestimony - 158 KB
           (Page Count: 5)
 A.18-02-016_A.18-03-001_A.18-03-002 et. al.SDGE 2018 ESP&IPA1802016 et al.-SCE Motion to Move Testimony Into Record07/12/2018MotionMotion - 283 KB
           (Page Count: 20)
 R.16-02-0072016 IRP-LTPPR1602007-SCE Notice of Written Ex Parte Communication07/12/2018ExParteExParte - Correspondence - 165 KB
           (Page Count: 3)
 A.07-01-031 A.07-04-028 A.09-09-022Valley-Ivyglen_FogartyA0701031 et al-SCE 3-Day Advance Notice of Ex Parte Communication re 7-16-18 07/11/2018ExParteExParte - Advanced Notice - 301 KB
           (Page Count: 9)
 A.18-02-016_A.18-03-001_A.18-03-002 et. al.SDGE 2018 ESP&IPA1802016 et al-SCE Opening Brief07/11/2018BriefBrief - 365 KB
           (Page Count: 19)
 A.17-06-0302018 GRC Phase 2A1706030-SCE and REWD Motion for Procedural Relief Re RES-BCT Settlement Issues07/11/2018MotionMotion - 293 KB
           (Page Count: 13)
 A.18-06-015Charge Ready 2A1806015-SCE 3-Day Advance Notice of Ex Parte July 16, 201807/11/2018ExParteExParte - Advanced Notice - 803 KB
           (Page Count: 44)
 R.14-08-013 A.15-07-002 A.15-07-003 A.15-07-005 A.15-07-006 A.15-07-007 A.15-07-008DRP OIRR.14-08-013 et al_DRP OIR - SCE Demo Project E Status Report07/11/2018General Pleadings/OtherReport - 789 KB
           (Page Count: 34)
 R.17-09-020RA OIRSCE's Track 2 Testimony in Rulemaking 17-09-02007/10/2018TestimonyTestimony - 298 KB
           (Page Count: 44)
 R.17-09-020RA OIRR1709020-SSWG's Proposal to Address Multi Year Procurement Contracts07/10/2018General Pleadings/OtherProposal - 929 KB
           (Page Count: 24)
 R.17-06-026PCIA OIRJoint Utilities Notice of Ex Parte Communications07/10/2018ExParteExParte - 820 KB
           (Page Count: 13)
 R.17-09-020RA OIRR1709020-California IOUs Long-Run RA Construct Testimony of Susan F Tierney PH.D07/10/2018TestimonyTestimony - 1739 KB
           (Page Count: 82)
 A.18-05-007ELM Series Cap ProjectA1805007-Reply of SCE to the ORA's Response07/10/2018General Pleadings/OtherReply - 331 KB
           (Page Count: 14)
 A.18-05-007ELM Series Cap ProjectA1805007-SCE Motion for Leave to File Reply07/10/2018MotionMotion - 296 KB
           (Page Count: 7)
 R.17-06-026PCIA OIRR1706026-Reply Comments of SCE on Decision Resolving Track 1 Issues07/09/2018CommentComment - 415 KB
           (Page Count: 24)
 A.17-12-011 A.17-12-012 A.17-12-013Residential RDWA1712012-SCE-Various- Amended Testimony (SCE-01-A)07/09/2018TestimonyTestimony - 5578 KB
           (Page Count: 612)
 A.14-10-014Charge ReadyA1410014-SCE Response to June 29, 2018 ALJ Ruling07/09/2018ResponseResponse - 429 KB
           (Page Count: 21)
 A.18-03-010 Coso TerminationA1803010-SCE's Response to Joint Motion of CCA For Late Filed Protest07/06/2018MotionMotion - 372 KB
           (Page Count: 14)
 A.18-03-010 Coso TerminationA1803010-SCE's Response to Joint Motion of CCA for Party Status07/06/2018MotionMotion - 313 KB
           (Page Count: 7)
 A.17-06-0302018 GRC Phase 2A1706030-SCE Motion for Adoption of SL and TC Settlement Agreement07/06/2018MotionMotion - 521 KB
           (Page Count: 53)
 A.16-09-0032016 RDW Appl. A.16-09-003_2016 RDW: SCE's Notice of Availability for SCE-03 RDW Rebuttal Tool07/06/2018WorkpapersWorkpapers - 9331 KB
           (Page Count: 1513)

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