CPUC Open Proceedings
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  CPUC Open Proceedings

 Proceeding #AcronymSubject Published DateClipsDoc TypeAttachment
 R.03-10-003CCAR0310003-Joint Comments on Need for Evidentiary Hearings09/18/2017CommentComment - 345 KB
           (Page Count: 21)
 A.16-03-004, A.15-01-014, A15-02-0062015 NDCTP A1603004-Joint Amended Exhibit List09/15/2017General Pleadings/OtherExhibit - 138 KB
           (Page Count: 11)
 R.14-07-002NEM Tariffs SuccessorR1407002-SCE Response to ALJ Ruling re TOU and VNM Customers09/15/2017ResponseResponse - 3701 KB
           (Page Count: 587)
 A.17-06-021Signal HillA1706021-SCEs Brief Re Applicability of CEQA and Request CPUC Defer Action on Appl09/15/2017BriefBrief - 3193 KB
           (Page Count: 23)
 R.13-11-005EE Rolling Portfolios OIRR1311005-SCE Opening Comments to PD Adopting EE Goals09/14/2017CommentComment - 1031 KB
           (Page Count: 28)
 A.14-11-016 SCE MoorparkSCE's 3-Day Advance Notice of Ex Parte Communication09/14/2017ExParteExParte - Advanced Notice - 311 KB
           (Page Count: 10)
 R.12-11-005DG-CSI-OIRR1211005-Joint Comments on PD Establishing Equity Budget for SGIPR1211005-Joint Comments on PD Establishing Equity Budget for SGIP09/14/2017CommentComment - 392 KB
           (Page Count: 51)
 A.17-03-020ACES UOSA1703020-SCE-Various-Rebuttal Testimony SCE-0209/12/2017TestimonyTestimony - 1398 KB
           (Page Count: 66)
 R.14-11-001Public Records Access OIRR1411001 - JOINT Reply Comments on PH2A PD re Adopting GO66-D and Confidential Submissions and Release09/12/2017CommentReply - 528 KB
           (Page Count: 15)
 A.16-11-002PRP RFO 2A1611002-SCE Motion to Seal Portion of Evidentiary Record09/11/2017MotionMotion - 262 KB
           (Page Count: 8)
 A.15-09-010SDG&E WEMAA1509010 SCE Motion For Party Status09/11/2017MotionMotion - 351 KB
           (Page Count: 9)
 A.07-01-031, A.07-04-028, A.09-09-022Valley-Ivyglen_FogartyA0701031 et al- SCE Motion to Strike Portions of Direct Testimony submitted by TURN, ORA, Frontlines, and City of Lake Elsinore filed 9-11-1709/11/2017MotionMotion - 685 KB
           (Page Count: 21)
 A.16-03-004, A.15-01-014, A15-02-0062015 NDCTP A1603004-Joint Exh and Wit Lists and Proposed Common Brief Outline09/11/2017General Pleadings/OtherExhibit - 349 KB
           (Page Count: 15)
 R.15-02-012DWR 2016 Rev ReqR1502012-SCE Prehearing Conference Statement09/08/2017General Pleadings/OtherStatement - 374 KB
           (Page Count: 16)
 A.16-03-004, A.15-01-014, A15-02-0062015 NDCTP SCE-12: Supplemental Testimony re DOE Litigation09/08/2017TestimonySupplemental - 138 KB
           (Page Count: 7)
 A.16-09-0032016 RDW Appl. A1609003-SCE Opening Brief filed 9-8-1709/08/2017BriefBrief - 673 KB
           (Page Count: 29)
 I.17-06-027, R.17-03-009, R.17-06-028WIASCE's Combined Opening Comments and Prehearing Conference Statement on Rulemaking Relating to Access to Poles, Conduit, and Rights-of-Way09/08/2017CommentOpening Comments - 446 KB
           (Page Count: 29)
 R.14-11-001Public Records Access OIRR1411001-Joint Opening Comments on Phase 2A Proposed Decision09/07/2017CommentComment - 554 KB
           (Page Count: 31)
 I.16-07-007Long Beach OIII1607007 - SCE and SED Joint Comments on PD of ALJ09/07/2017General Pleadings/OtherMiscellaneous - 322 KB
           (Page Count: 9)
 R.14-07-002NEM Tariffs SuccessorR1407002-SCE Reply Comments on ALJ Ruling Seeking Comment on use of Energy Storage by Customers on Virtual Net Metering Tariffs09/06/2017CommentComment - 447 KB
           (Page Count: 25)
 A.17-01-013, A.17-01-014, A.17-01-015, A.17-01-016, A.17-01-017EE Business Plan App. A1701013 et al-SCE's Reply Comments on Comprehensive Solicitation Process Proposals09/01/2017CommentComment - 1063 KB
           (Page Count: 32)
 A.12-01-008, A.12-04-020, A.14-01-007GTSR AppsA1201008 et al-SCE Annual GTSR Tracking Report 201609/01/2017General Pleadings/OtherReport - 494 KB
           (Page Count: 20)
 A.17-06-0302018 GRC Phase 2A1706030-SCEs Proof of Compliance08/31/2017General Pleadings/OtherProof of Compliance - 2163 KB
           (Page Count: 46)
 A.14-10-014Charge ReadySCE Quarterly Charge Ready Pilot Program Report 2017Q208/31/2017General Pleadings/OtherReport - 5866 KB
           (Page Count: 47)
 A.17-06-021Signal HillA1706021-SCEs Amendment to Application08/31/2017ApplicationAmendment - 359 KB
           (Page Count: 7)

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