CPUC Open Proceedings
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  CPUC Open Proceedings

 Proceeding #AcronymSubject Published DateClipsDoc TypeAttachment
 R.14-07-002, A.16-07-015NEM Tariffs SuccessorR1407002 A1607015 - SCE Opening Comments on PD Modifying D180904401/22/2020CommentComment - 372 KB
           (Page Count: 49)
 R.18-07-005Disconnection OIRR1807005 SCE Monthly Disconnect Data Report-122019.01/21/2020General Pleadings/OtherReport - 441 KB
           (Page Count: 30)
 A.19-04-026EPIC Research Admin. PlanA1904026-SCE Reply Comments on PD Approving RAP Application for EPIC Program01/21/2020CommentComment - 406 KB
           (Page Count: 12)
 A.14-11-007 A.14-11-009 A.14-11-010 A.14-11-011 2015-2017 ESA-CARESCE Monthly LIAP Report 20191201/21/2020General Pleadings/OtherReport - 3917 KB
           (Page Count: 61)
 R.19-09-009Microgrid OIR SB 1339R1909009-SCE Resiliency Proposal and Response to ALJ Ruling01/21/2020ResponseResponse - 507 KB
           (Page Count: 49)
 A.19-02-017 A.19-02-016Waiver of CS RuleA1902017 et al-SCE Opening Comments01/21/2020CommentComment - 480 KB
           (Page Count: 17)
 A.18-06-015Charge Ready 2A1806015-SCE's Notice of Ex Parte After the Fact 1-15-202001/21/2020ExParteExParte - 344 KB
           (Page Count: 11)
 R.16-02-0072016 IRP-LTPPR1602007 SCE Notice of Ex Parte Comm Jan 15 2001/21/2020ExParteExParte - 348 KB
           (Page Count: 44)
 A.18-03-0092018 NDCTPSCE's Rebuttal Testimony (SCE-15) 01/17/2020TestimonyTestimony - 320 KB
           (Page Count: 36)
 R.14-08-013 A.15-07-002 A.15-07-003 A.15-07-005 A.15-07-006 A.15-07-007 A.15-07-008DRP OIRR.14-08-013 et al_DRP OIR - SCE Comments on ALJ Ruling on Improvements to 2020 DIDF Process.01/17/2020CommentComment - 684 KB
           (Page Count: 84)
 A.18-05-007ELM Series Cap ProjectA1805007-SCE's Opening Brief01/16/2020BriefBrief - 571 KB
           (Page Count: 60)
 R.15-06-009Physical Security OIRResubmission of Joint SCE, PG&E, SDG&E Petition for Modification of Decision 19-01-01801/16/2020PetitionPetition - 2334 KB
           (Page Count: 116)
 R.18-10-007SB 901SCE's 2019 WMP Progress Update01/15/2020General Pleadings/OtherReport - 652 KB
           (Page Count: 40)
 R.17-05-010Rule 20A RulemakingR1705010-SCE Compliance Filing re Updated Data Request Responses01/15/2020General Pleadings/OtherData Request - 617 KB
           (Page Count: 20)
 R.15-03-010San Joaquin Valley OIRR1503010-SCE Response to Pilot Team's PFM01/13/2020ResponseResponse - 315 KB
           (Page Count: 20)
 R.17-06-026PCIA OIRSCE's Reply Comments on Working Group 2 Co-Chair's Final Report 01/13/2020CommentComment - 356 KB
           (Page Count: 28)
 A.19-04-0012018 ERRA ReviewA1904001 - SCE Opening Brief (PUBLIC)01/13/2020BriefBrief - 703 KB
           (Page Count: 51)
 R.13-11-005EE Rolling Portfolios OIRR1311005-SCE's Response to the Public Advocates Office Motion for Review of ESPI01/13/2020ResponseResponse - 396 KB
           (Page Count: 35)
 I.18-11-006SCE 2018 RAMPI1811006-SCE Ntc of Ex Parte Communications 1-8 and 1-9-202001/13/2020ExParteExParte - 307 KB
           (Page Count: 9)
 R.17-07-007Rule 21 OIR to StreamlineR.17-07-007 Rule 21 OIR to Streamline & R.18-12-006 TE OIR_ (2020-01-13) : SCE Reply Comments on Final Report of Vehicle to Grid AC 01/13/2020CommentComment - 438 KB
           (Page Count: 30)
 R.17-07-007Rule 21 OIR to StreamlineR.17-07-007_Rule 21 OIR to Streamline : SCE Response to ALJ Ruling re Working Group 3 Final Report 01/13/2020ResponseResponse - 444 KB
           (Page Count: 34)
 A.19-04-0012018 ERRA ReviewA1904001 - SCE Motion for Leave to File the Confidential Version of Its Opening Brief Under Seal01/13/2020MotionMotion - 255 KB
           (Page Count: 11)
 A.15-12-007Circle City_Mira Loma-Jefferson PTCA1512007-SCE Monthly Progress Report 20200101/10/2020General Pleadings/OtherReport - 380 KB
           (Page Count: 12)
 R.16-02-0072016 IRP-LTPPSCE's Response to Petition of Joint Parties (CEJA, SCE, DOW & PAO) to Modify D191101601/10/2020ResponseResponse - 487 KB
           (Page Count: 59)
 R.19-10-005EPIC Renewal OIRR1910005-SCE Prehearing Conference Statement01/10/2020General Pleadings/OtherPHC - 467 KB
           (Page Count: 20)

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