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Southern California Edison (SCE) has submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) its 2012 General Rate Case (GRC) application. In a GRC proceeding, SCE proposes a three-year plan that outlines the infrastructure and related spending needed to maintain the reliability and security of the region’s power delivery grid. The Application and Exhibit SCE-01 testimony present an overview of the rate case application and long-term plan. For more information about the GRC process and SCE's long-term plans, visit www.sce.com/grc.

 Proceeding #AcronymSubject Published DateAttachment
 A.10-11-0152012 GRCWorkpapers SCE-25 Vol. 1 Ch. I-II-V07/05/2011 - 8124 KB
           (Page Count: 108)

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